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UNIROOM Inc. is a serviced apartment company in Los Angeles. Different from the nonstandard product, all of the apartments on the online platform are operated and administrated by UNIROOM. Being the owner of UNIROOM, Zonberation Group (U.S.) Inc. was registered in California, and was issued Property Management business license by the City of Pasadena. Hosting 206 guests at the same time Offering 14,096 room nights in 2016 International guests from more than 31 countries 89.1% occupation rate from January to December 2016 Our Guests: Global Citizens Our company started in Pasadena, CA. Our footprint is now in Glendale, Arcadia, and Beverly Hills. Standing in the greatest cities in LA, we provide service to guests around the globe. Whether it’s a business trip, summer camp, vacation, or investment immigration stay, we aim to provide guests staying above two weeks and below six months with standard luxury furnished apartments. We have hosted guests from China, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, England, France, Germany, Holland, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and guests from 15 states in America. Our services have being tested by over 500 global citizens.

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